Research and Counselling Foundation for African Migrants (RECFAM) is a registered organisation by guarantee incorporated in Ghana in 2004, and now has official branches in in USA (501c3), Cameroon and Nigeria.

RECFAM’s mission is to provide support to the marginalized groups in society, empower women, protect vulnerable children, promote safe migration, health and education towards community empowerment that enhance social diversity, entrepreneurship development, livelihood support and sustainable development without prejudice.

AfriPride sanitary pads (formerly Pride Pad) is RECFAM’s project; it was integral to RECFAM in 2016 as a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE that fills a very important need for sanitary napkins to keep girls in rural areas in schools and destigmatise menstruation in Ghana. Women are integrated in the whole value chain from raw material production to manufacturing and distribution.

•  RECFAM also conducts evidence-based quantitative and qualitative research that raises awareness of the motivating factors underpinning development, child abuse, human trafficking as well as all other issues related to irregular and regular migration. based on the outcome of the research, the organization develops pragmatic sustainable approaches to counter these social problems for accelerated socio-economic development.
•  Promotes safe migration & protects vulnerable children towards development
•  Provide successful reintegration services to vulnerable children and migrants in need of such services without prejudice.
•  Encourage entrepreneurial skills training and assist in local initiatives for economic empowerment as alternatives to irregular migration.
•  Forms “safe migration clubs” in communities to educate the youths to adapt to life in a changing climate than looking at migration as a solution to poverty and climate change. our goal is to reduce our vulnerability to the harmful effects of climate change and migration.
•  Does case management services: family tracing/evaluation, home study, reunification, counselling, consultation services, advocacy among others.

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