Pridepad Mini Factories

PRIDE Sanitary pad is manufactured in a woman-supervised and woman-employed mini-factory. This provides an opportunity for local women to become employed, learn entrepreneurial and marketing skills, and even assume management roles within their own community.

Each mini factory is easy to operate and easy to maintain. With basic training, women can produce superior quality PRIDE Sanitary pads and manage their own factories with little support. Additionally, each mini factory requires minimal electricity to operate and has a built in quality standard.

RECFAM is constantly doing research and development to further improve the quality of the machines as well as the products. The components in our mini-factory run on simple technology but produce sanitary napkins as comfortable and effective as competitive products. This is the result of extensive research and development, both in technology and raw materials, and drawing on our experience working with similar technology in the same challenging environment. The novelty of this technology lies in integration of well-known equipment and processes with our own technological advancements. This dramatically cuts down production costs without compromising quality, therefore providing a greater profit margin that is returned to workers.

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