PRIDEPAD: Founders’ Story- How It Began

Dr. Ajume Wingo was traveling by bus in his home land of Cameroon some years ago when he witnessed a young girl being ostracized because of menstruation. Upon further research, Dr. Wingo realized the significant barriers facing young women due to lack of access to sanitary products, absence of feminine hygiene education, and stigmas associated with menstruation. 

Dr. nsodu Mbinglo (Dr. Wingo’s brother) is the Founder /Director of RECFAM, an international organisation that works in collaboration with various stakeholder, Government and Non-Governmental Organisations both locally and internationally. During his work, he has received a very positive reception in meetings with local , regional ,and national school officials in Ghana about supplying  PRIDE Sanitary Pads directly through schools to female students in rural and peri-urban areas. 

This also became apparently that this problem exists beyond the borders of their home country of Cameroon and is prevalent throughout Western Africa.

Dr. Wingo and Dr. Alfred Nsodu Mbinglo, brothers and Princes from the Nso Kindom in Cameroon , have partnered together to further the impact and reach of Pride Sanitary Pad. Based on research and need, the brothers decided it best to begin production of Pride Pads and educational programming in Ghana. Dr. Wingo brings awareness to the problem and directs fundraising initiatives in the United States as he is based in Boulder , Colorado. Dr. Mbinglo directly oversees the work in Ghana.

Drs. Wingo and Mbinglo are leading a movement of transformation to improve thee educational, social, and emotional well being of women.

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